Tt-Vox: Nano Piano

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Artist: Tt-Vox

Artist: Tt-Vox
Title: Nano Piano

Thank you for coming to my space! Takuya said that it was completed by a noise to hear by everyday life well entirely besides a piano as for this album \'nano piano\'.(A sound of a music box is handmade, too!) Them are very simple, and a song is abstract. However, each has a theme and is individual. Therefore this album learns new discovery whenever I listen... And I finish listening without sense of incongruity strangely if I maintain 12 music till the last from the beginning and try to listen to these. It thinks that everyday weather ... or comfort such as air of the four seasons may be felt. When you hear \'nano piano\', I can want to recommend. It is you become the world leading role of an album, and it images a story, and to synchronize your memory and the present feeling. Do you hear why is it? The reason is because it learns new discovery whenever it hears this album.. Then please enjoy!

1.1 Reherasal
1.2 Nostalgia
1.3 Za-Ku-Ro
1.4 Red Moon
1.5 Jasmine
1.6 Spei (Type-M)
1.7 Sugar Thunder
1.8 Deep Blue Rain
1.9 Spider Song
1.10 Benjamina
1.11 Paper Moon
1.12 Nano Piano

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