Tuck Pence

Tuck Pence: American Relic

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Artist: Tuck Pence

Artist: Tuck Pence
Title: American Relic

American Relic is the latest release by popular Wisconsin Artist Tuck Pence. The eleven songs are a mix of 60's vintage country ballads and 70's style acoustic guitar Country Rock. Backed by an all star group of musicians, thus record features excellent performance by Howard Luedtke on slide guitar, Danny Jerabek on accordion, and strings by the members of the Big Top Chitauqua band. There is a little something in here for everyone. Listen to the songs and you will see why there are thousands of 'Tuckheads' all across the USA!

1.1 Florida in the Wintertime
1.2 What Kind of Love Is This
1.3 Livin' Hopin'
1.4 Dear Mom
1.5 Jack Pine Savage
1.6 I'll Be Back
1.7 New Memories
1.8 Lovers Getaway
1.9 Good Bye Song
1.10 Next Offer
1.11 The Big Show

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