Tullio Forlenza

Tullio Forlenza: Kinderkonzert

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Artist: Tullio Forlenza

Artist: Tullio Forlenza
Title: Kinderkonzert

The idea of a program devoted to the theme of childhood originally came when I was asked to prepare a concert to be included in a fund raising event for children in need. The quite obvious thought that first came to my mind was to put together several scores, taken from the works that almost all composers write for the stylistic and musical training of young pianists and amateurs, a sort of patchwork of famous and less well-known pieces to present as a kind of anthology. Soon, however, careful analysis of the repertoire led to a completely different development of the childhood theme in music, and the organization of the program underwent major changes. (Tullio Forlenza) Con ammirazione ho ascoltato il recentissimo CD del noto pianista Tullio Forlenza ed ho potuto apprezzare una lettura ricchissima di dettagli e sfumature assai suggestive, una qualità di suono di singolare bellezza ed una intensità interpretativa profonda e comunicativa. Dalla eleganza di Mozart alla nascente drammaticità del giovanissimo Beethoven, dalla sublime genialità di Schumann alla squisita ironia di Shostakovich, tutto emerge con straordinaria eloquenza. Un CD da ascoltare tante volte ! (Sergio Calligaris)

1.1 Easy Sonata K.545 in C Major: I. Allegro
1.2 Easy Sonata K.545 in C Major: II. Andante
1.3 Easy Sonata K.545 in C Major: III. Rondò Allegretto
1.4 Sonata No. 2 in F minor, Woo 47 : I. Larghetto Maestoso Allegro Assai
1.5 Sonata No.2 in F minor, Woo 47 : II. Andante
1.6 Sonata No.2 in F minor, Woo 47 : III. Presto
1.7 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Of Foreign Lands and People
1.8 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: A Curious Story
1.9 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Blind Man's Buff
1.10 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Pleading Child
1.11 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Almost Happy
1.12 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: An Important Event
1.13 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Vision
1.14 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: At the Fireside
1.15 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Knight of the Hobby-Horse
1.16 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Almost to Serious
1.17 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Frightening
1.18 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: Child Falling Asleep
1.19 Scenes from Childhood Op.15: The Poet Speaks
1.20 Dances of the Dolls: Lyric Waltz Moderato
1.21 Dances of the Dolls: Gavotte Tranquillo Semplice
1.22 Dances of the Dolls: Romance Moderato Espressivo
1.23 Dances of the Dolls: Polka Scherzando Non Troppo Presto
1.24 Dances of the Dolls: Animato Ma Non Troppo Presto
1.25 Dances of the Dolls: Allegro Non Troppo
1.26 Dances of the Dolls: Scherzando Ma Non Troppo Presto
1.27 Klavierstück "FÜR Elise", Woo 59: Poco Moto

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