Tullio Pizzorno

Tullio Pizzorno: Conosco L'assassina

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Artist: Tullio Pizzorno

Artist: Tullio Pizzorno
Title: Conosco L'assassina

Tullio Pizzorno's music adventure continues on " CONOSCO L'ASSASSINA" CD project. A musical endeavor....Scaling this ominous "mountain"....searching.... Striving, you reach,... "arrive".... on a new undiscovered plateau.... A new frontier .... A dark and beautiful world is uncovered within and explored in these tracks.... As you'lI listen.... you'll be moving in these dark streets, these alleys.... Around every mysterious corner of the " streets ", a new harmonic surprise..... Edgy, suspenseful compositions and arrangements. "The murder"?.... An innocent victim? "Attrazione", Conosco l' assassina" "CSI ".... A heart " hurt " in a dark love affair? Moving deeper, another surprise....sweet and beautiful melodic hooks will beckon you..... " L'uomo che ama ", " Spara comunque spara ", "Donna dal nulla " .... Should you run? Or surrender to the overpowering rapture? True "Beauty in the Darkness" is showcased on " CONOSCO L'ASSASSINA ".... A dramatic and cinematic musical storytelling journey.... This is music with and edge "and we mean edge"..... "Cutting deep".... Keeping listeners in awe.... Never knowing what's next.... A new harmonic explosion? A crying melody? A rhythmic groove so infectious....that you can't stop listening? Unchartered territory.... So Beautiful....

1.1 Attrazione
1.2 L'uomo Che Ama
1.3 Conosco L'assassina
1.4 In Mente
1.5 CSI
1.6 Spara Comunque Spara
1.7 Ed È Colpa Tua
1.8 Il Silenzio Degli Oggetti
1.9 Dove Smonta la Giostra
1.10 L'idea Tua
1.11 Che Resta Di Te
1.12 Donna Dal Nulla

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