Tuner: Pole

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tuner

Artist: Tuner
Title: Pole

POLE is a modern rock album best describe as an amalgamation of the styles and sounds of Tool, Peter Gabriel, NIN and the daring attitude and power of contemporary art. Featuring remarkable playing by all musicians, there is a stunning selection of vocal performances by the likes of the Austrian artist SiRenee, Peter Kingsbury and Chrysta Bell. The beautifully designed CD comes in a super jewel box with 4 different cover images.

1.1 White Cake Sky
1.2 Black Well Monotony
1.3 11-11
1.4 Pole
1.5 Gate 9
1.6 Stalker
1.7 So High
1.8 Dig
1.9 Down Below
1.10 Repulsive and Delicious
1.11 Creatures
1.12 Pencilhead
1.13 Arson Dandy
1.14 Urim

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