Tutti: Now I'm Here

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tutti

Title: Now I'm Here
Label: CD Baby

Bob Dylan and Neil Young are his musically homeland. Armed with a guitar and a harp he plays campfire hits and his own songs. With over 200 Shows all over Germany the guy from Braunschweig won a solid fanbase. And it's still raising.

1.1 All Summer Long
1.2 Bobby Brown
1.3 Angel
1.4 Fly in Heaven
1.5 Jack and Diane
1.6 It's All Over Now
1.7 Mr. Internet
1.8 Rocky Raccoon
1.9 Stand Up
1.10 Gabelstapler Klaus
1.11 Cortez the Killer
1.12 Wonderwall
1.13 Now I'm Here
1.14 Out on the Weekend
1.15 No Mercy
1.16 Mercedes Benz
1.17 Heart of Gold
1.18 Don't Know Where You Are

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