Twang-O-Matics: Death Grip/Werewolf

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Artist: Twang-O-Matics

Artist: Twang-O-Matics
Title: Death Grip/Werewolf
Product Type: VINYL LP

Formed in the summer of 2011 under the influence of rockabilly, sixties garage and surf, Norway based instrumental combo the Twang-O-Matics play the most frenzied, honkin' and reverbin' instrumentals the world has ever heard! The Twang-O-Matics all instrumental act delivers a potent cocktail of coolness - sporting a unique blend of blistering surf reverb, down 'n dirty spaghetti-western twang, exotic go-go-guitar sounds and a heavy dose of fuzzed-out super spy blasts. Their instrumentals are rhythmic and danceable, styled with originality and inventiveness. Although the group has only been together for a relatively short time they have already established themselves as one of today's best and most original instrumental combos. Not only do they play great music, they have also been acclaimed a great stage attraction in terms of their fiery and energetic live performances.

1.1 Death Grip - the Twang-O-Matics
1.2 Werewolf - the Twang-O-Matics

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