Twerps: Range Anxiety

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Artist: Twerps

Artist: Twerps
Title: Range Anxiety

Formed in Melbourne in late 2008, Twerps enjoyed immediate success, releasing a series of vinyl singles and cassettes on various labels around the world. Their 2011 self-titled debut album was recorded with producer Jack Farley at Head Gap, marking the band's first foray into a 'bona fide' recording studio. The release of Twerps led to appearances at SXSW and CMJ and tours with Real Estate, Mac DeMarco, and others. Not wanting to wait until 2015 to unleash new songs on present and future fans, Twerps quickly recorded the delightful UNDERLAY EP. And now, Merge brings you Twerps' second full-length album, RANGE ANXIETY. Also recorded with Jack Farley, it's title refers to a debilitating fear of running out of gas - both literally and metaphysically. RANGE ANXIETY is a worthy showcase of the creativity and vitality Twerps bring to their music. At first listen, nods to the Go-Betweens and the band's beloved Flying Nun influences are clear, but upon closer examination, Twerps expand into a sound uniquely their own.

1.1 House Keys Twerps 00:53
1.2 I Don't Mind Twerps 05:30
1.3 Back to You Twerps 02:32
1.4 Stranger Twerps 02:56
1.5 New Moves Twerps 03:15
1.6 White As Snow Twerps 02:23
1.7 Shoulders Twerps 03:41
1.8 Simple Feelings Twerps 03:12
1.9 Adrenaline Twerps 03:13
1.10 Fern Murderers Twerps 02:15
1.11 Cheap Education Twerps 02:59
1.12 Love at First Sight Twerps 03:04
1.13 Empty Road Twerps 05:17

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