Twilight Force

Twilight Force: Heroes Of Mighty Magic

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Twilight Force

Artist: Twilight Force
Title: Heroes Of Mighty Magic

Swedish adventure metallers, Twilight Force, recently signed a record deal with German metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast. Now, after several months of work in the band's studio, the Twilight Forge, the band is set to release their sophomore album and label debut called »Heroes Of Mighty Magic

1.1 Battle of Arcane Might
1.2 Powerwind
1.3 Guardian of the Seas
1.4 Flight of the Sapphire Dragon
1.5 There and Back Again
1.6 Riders of the Dawn
1.7 Keepers of Fate
1.8 Rise of a Hero
1.9 To the Stars
1.10 Heroes of Mighty Magic
1.11 Epilogue
1.12 Knights of Twilight's Might
2.1 Rise of a Hero (Orchestral Version)
2.2 Flight of the Sapphire Dragon (Orchestal Version)
2.3 Heroes of Mighty Magic (Orchestral Version)
2.4 Battle of Arcane Might (Karaoke Version)
2.5 There and Back Again (Short Version)
2.6 Powerwind (Chip Version)

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