Twilite Broadcasters

Twilite Broadcasters: Signal's Clear

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Artist: Twilite Broadcasters
Title: Signal's Clear

The Twilite Broadcasters are the missing link between vintage country, old time, early bluegrass and rockabilly. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the band creates traditional American music directly inspired by the likes of the Louvin Brothers and Bill Monroe. Close brother harmonies and deft switching between mandolin, fiddle, and guitar draw the listener backwards in time. Originally a duo, Adam Tanner (fiddle, mandolin, vocals) and Mark Jackson (guitar and vocals) have added the bass stylings of Chuck Shreve to the mix, livening up an already fiery live show.

1.1 Airmail Special
1.2 Peacock Rag
1.3 Only Time
1.4 Sinner You Better Get Ready
1.5 Comin' Down from Roanoke
1.6 The New Great Depression
1.7 Rosalee McFall
1.8 Mandolin Rock
1.9 There's Gonna Come a Day
1.10 Cincinnati Rag
1.11 Long Time to Forget
1.12 El Gusano

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