Twista: Dark Horse

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Twista

Artist: Twista
Title: Dark Horse

2014 release from the pioneering platinum-selling rapper. Twista put Chicago on the Rap map and made the double-time Rap style a Rap staple. Despite selling millions of albums and popularizing a delivery incorporated by everyone from Jay-Z to Eminem, the Windy City rapper remains largely unheralded by the uninformed. For Twista, it all comes down to the music. It's the reason he's remained one of Rap's top talents for two decades. With THE DARK HORSE, Twista brings new life into his music by recreating his classic style and building upon it, too.

1.1 Dark Horse
1.2 I Am Such a Mobsta
1.3 Devil's Angel
1.4 Beast
1.5 Getting Paper
1.6 It's Yours
1.7 One More Joog
1.8 Crisis
1.9 Burnin
1.10 Want My Love
1.11 Nothing Like Me
1.12 Me and You
1.13 6 Rings

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