Twisted Roots

Twisted Roots: Greatest Hits 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Twisted Roots

Title: Greatest Hits 1
Label: Rat Pak Records

Release from the Pacific Northwest Hard rockers. Formed in 1989 from the ashes of Portland's Punk Rock/Hardcore/Metal scene. Twisted Roots came together to form a new sound that was both aggressive and melodic. Since their inception, they have released a long list of studio recordings, followed up with local and national airplay for their singles. Vol. 1 on is be hailed as their best effort yet. The music is straight forward, hooky, unique, and is "heavy enough for the guys, groovin' enough for the chicks".

1.1 Hollow Earth
1.2 Counter on the Hill
1.3 Voices
1.4 Tracks
1.5 Spinning Gnashing Wheels
1.6 Every Now and Then
1.7 John Doe
1.8 Dog
1.9 Cracks
1.10 Cabin Fever
1.11 Seven Days
1.12 I Am the Sky
1.13 Blackbirds
1.14 Rivers Edge
1.15 Waking Up (Live)

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