Twiztid: Darkness

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Twiztid

Artist: Twiztid
Title: Darkness

2015 release from the Detroit Hip Hop duo. During the recording sessions Twiztid would keep the studio pitch black except for six lit candles scattered around the studio floor. They recorded until the early morning for weeks on end. Madrox and Monoxide took it back to their roots, they had the mind set of their first studio album MOSTASTELESS and reinvented the creepy story telling music of their past. Behind every light, there's a darkness, come take a journey into Hell with the Demented Duo.

1.1 Why Won't You Answer
1.2 Afraid of the Dark
1.3 In Hell
1.4 Back to Hell
1.5 Problems with Medication
1.6 A Little Fucked Up
1.7 Boogieman Skit
1.8 Boogieman
1.9 Down Here
1.10 Dr. Weasel
1.11 F.T.S
1.12 Take It Away
1.13 On and on
1.14 No Breaks
1.15 Seance
1.16 The Exorcism
1.17 Breakdown
1.18 Mind Goes Mad
1.19 A Place in the Woods W/Blaze Ya Dead Homie (Seven Remix)

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