Two of a Kind: So Many Ways to Be Smart

Two of a Kind: So Many Ways to Be Smart
Title: So Many Ways to Be Smart
Label: CD Baby

So Many Ways To Be Smart is Two of a Kind's 6th studio recording for kids and families. The album is credited to 'Two of a Kind and friends', with many musicians helping out, including jazz-fusion group 'Kidlogic', a reunion of David's high school group 'The Shady Desert Minstrels', and David and Jenny's new group for grow-ups called 'What Four'. So Many Ways To Be Smart is a 2005 Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner, and also won 'Best Educational Recording for Young Children' in the 2005 Children's Music Web Awards. One of the songs, 'I Wanna Llama', is scheduled to be included on MTV's reality TV show 'Wild Boyz' during fall 2005. As with Two of a Kind's previous releases, So Many Ways To Be Smart is very eclectic. There's a funky song about human rights, a song written by 4th graders about Harriet Tubman, a hard-rock song about cold-blooded animals, a reggae tune about libraries, an a cappella song about llamas, a bluegrass instrumental, a silly camp song learned from David's grandfather, a round about reading books, a calypso song about multiple intelligences, a cabaret song about lime jello, a peace song in Spanish and many more! Two of a Kind's new recording is already receiving high praise: 'Two of a Kind has done it again! Their latest CD, So Many Ways To Be Smart, is a toe-tapping, hand-clapping, sing-alongable collection of spectacular songs. From historical portraits to social justice anthems, these songs feed your brain, warm your heart, inspire and educate at the same time. A high quality recording with great arrangements, great adult as well as kid musicians, and great messages -- put it on permanent rotation!' - Billy Jonas, award-winning performer/ songwriter/ recording artist. 'Two of a Kind has created yet another of their classroom friendly musical romps with upbeat original songs about history, peace and freedom as well as just how we learn to get along with each other in this world. Kids, parents, and teachers will all find something to sing about on this recording.' - Sally Rogers, award-winning family/folk musician and music teacher 'A must have!' - Georgia Family Magazine 'If your values concern rights, freedoms and an awareness of fairness and history then add this release to the world of youngsters you love. 'When I'm Strong' supports standing with confidence, 'When I Say Stop' advocates standing up against violence, and 'A New Playground' celebrates volunteerism while other tracks promote libraries and coping with death. Musical styles on the album include rock, folk, reggae, blusgrass, Latin and calypso...songs are catchy and quickly singable. It's musical groups like Two of a Kind and albums like 'So Many Ways to Be Smart' that we have to thank for growing folk audiences. They are helping to raise thinking citizens concerned with speaking up for freedoms, rights and fairness.' - Review in Sing Out! Magazine 'This sixth children's album by Two of a Kind features an amazing assortment of 18 songs covering social awareness, life issues, reading, animals, and fun. Two of a Kind is joined by a variety of talented musicians and children in performing songs that range from bluegrass to reggae, a cappella to rock, and everything in between. A great collection of toe-tapping tunes that will have listeners singing along.' - Review in School Library Journal 'Two of a Kind are a Delaware Valley married couple David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans, who have been creating family music with a message since before their own children were born a decade ago. Now, with 'So Many Ways To Be Smart,' they touch upon familiar themes with the high quality that has marked their recent productions. There's a library song ('Everything is Free at the Library'). There are a couple of peace songs ('Paz y Libertad' and 'I Just Want to Sing Your Name: The Martin Luther King Song'). There are songs with empowering messages for boys and girls. 'So Many Ways To Be Smart' celebrates our differences, including it's joyous title tune, sung with a children's chorus.' - Kathy O'Connell, host of the Peabody-award-winning 'Kid's Corner' radio show, from a review in MetroKids '[The] new album is wonderful - the production values are top notch, the vocal harmonies are fabulous and the instrumentation adds fabulous color and texture to [the] excellent songs.' - Janet Schreiner, of the award-winning duo 'The Cat's Pajamas' TWO OF A KIND BIO: Two of a Kind is an award-winning, nationally touring, husband-wife duo from the Philadelphia area, specializing in interactive music for children and families. David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans have been singing together since 1987. Their energetic, participatory performances are enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Two of a Kind helps audiences of all ages feel that they can create music and that they can make a difference in the world. Two of a Kind presents musical programs for children of all ages, including songs, movement, sign language, puppets and stories - all with an emphasis on interaction and participation. Themes of songs and stories range from friendship and animals to social issues such as the environment, conflict resolution and diversity. David, who received his bachelors degree in composition from Oberlin Conservatory of Music, taught music to children and adults from 1982 to 1997. Jenny has a background in training, education, creative writing, movement and dance. Jenny was a member of the Anna Crusis Women's Choir for four years and sang on the group's recording 'Fresh Cut'. David and Jenny are active in the Children's Music Network, and Jenny is currently on the board of CMN. Two of a Kind is on the artist rosters of the PA Council on the Arts, the NJ State Council for the Arts, PennPAT, Young Audiences of Southeastern PA, the Galaxy Arts-in-Education Program of CIU 10 and the Odyssey Program of the Philadelphia Folksong Society. David and Jenny are members of AFM Local 1000 (the North American Traveling Musicians' Union). Two of a Kind has released seven recordings, including six recordings for children. 'Patchwork Planet' won two 2002 Children's Music Web Awards: 'Best Educational Recording for Young Children' and 'Best Recording for Older Children'. 'Going on an Adventure' and 'Connections' both won 1999 Parents' Choice Silver Honors, 'Going on an Adventure' also won two 2003 Children's Music Web Awards for 'Classic Recording for Preschoolers' and 'Classic Recording for Young Children', and 'Connections' also won 'Best Music for Older Children' in the Children's Music Web Awards. David and Jenny have also produced their own 'two of a kind': twin sons named Ari and Jason born in January 1995! Ari and Jason now frequently perform with their parents. Two of a Kind has appeared at festivals, concert venues, schools, libraries, aquariums, zoos, museums, daycare centers, camps, and on radio and television. They have shared the stage with Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul & Mary, Trout Fishing in America, John McCutcheon, Kim & Reggie Harris, Sally Rogers, Magpie and Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer.

1.1 Some Rights in This World
1.2 Do You Want to Be Free?
1.3 When I'm Strong
1.4 Book Round
1.5 I Like a Good Story
1.6 Everything Is Free at the Library
1.7 I Want It to Snow
1.8 Cold-Blooded
1.9 I Wanna Llama
1.10 Ant Hill Anthem
1.11 So Many Ways to Be Smart
1.12 Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise
1.13 When I Say Stop
1.14 A New Playground
1.15 One More Sunday
1.16 I Just Want to Sing Your Name (The Martin Luther King Song)
1.17 Paz y Libertad
1.18 Now I'm in the Nuthouse

Two of a Kind: So Many Ways to Be Smart

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