Ty Segall

Ty Segall: Ty Rex

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ty Segall

Artist: Ty Segall
Title: Ty Rex

2015 release. The Ty Rex corner of Ty Segall's oeuvre represents the nom-de-rock behind which the artist puts his spin on favored Tyrannosaurus Rex and T. Rex compositions. With previous releases now dwelling in out-of-print nether-regions, the album compiles the six-song Ty Rex EP (a.k.a. Ty Rex I, originally released by Goner as a limited edition 12-inch for Record Store Day 2011) and the two-song Ty Rex II 7-inch (RSD 2013). As if this wasn't enough of a corrective gesture, Ty Rex is expanded to include a previously-unreleased cover as a bonus. The compilation showcases a nice balance between T. Rex's '67-70 psych-folk incarnation under the name Tyrannosaurus Rex and the better-known pioneering and perfecting of glam-rock that defined the initial '71-73 era under the shortened T. Rex moniker.

1.1 Fist Heart Might Dawn Dart
1.2 Buick MacKane
1.3 The Slider
1.4 Woodland Rock
1.5 20th Century Boy
1.6 Salamanda Palaganda
1.7 Elemental Child
1.8 Cat Black
1.9 The Motivator

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