Tycho: Epoch

Tycho: Epoch
Title: Epoch
Label: Ghostly Int'l
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Epoch is the final album in the trilogy beginning with 2011's Dive, then 2014's Awake. This period between Dive and Epoch marks a significant maturation for Scott Hansen's continually expanding project, one that has taken him from a solo performer and bedroom artist to fronting a live 4-piece band on large stages across the world. Epoch hones the sonic aesthetic of Dive while drawing on the kinetic energy of Awake, it explores darker themes and new musical territory. The album was produced and recorded by Hansen predominantly in his home studio in Berkeley, CA. The album was arranged alongside long time collaborator and partner in the project, Zac Brown. Brown contributed bass and guitar parts to the songwriting process. Rory O'Connor performed drums on the album. Hansen sees Epoch as a multi-dimensional artistic vision at the confluence of his graphic design work via ISO50 and music with Tycho. The graphic presentation of album artwork is as important as the music itself. The keystone is the central image of Epoch and the colors scheme red and black. This is a stark contrast to the almost rainbow palette of Awake.

1.1 Division
1.2 Glider
1.3 Slack
1.4 Source
1.5 Epoch
1.6 Horizon
1.7 Rings
1.8 Reciever
1.9 Continuum
1.10 Local
1.11 Afield

Tycho: Epoch

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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