Tyla J. Pallas

Tyla J. Pallas: Another Day Abandoned in Pursuit of Pleasure

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tyla J. Pallas

Title: Another Day Abandoned in Pursuit of Pleasure
Label: King Outlaw

1.1 Tranquilize
1.2 Charmed (El)
1.3 Hells Gallows
1.4 In Gods Prison (El)
1.5 When She Falls
1.6 Top of the World (El)
1.7 Which Way the Wind Bows
1.8 Ballad of Venus (El)
1.9 Last of the Ladykillers (El)
1.10 Wantcha Back
1.11 Time (El)
1.12 Aleluyah
1.13 Tranquilize (Ac)
1.14 Hells Gallows (Ac)
2.1 Tranquilize
2.2 Charmed (El)
2.3 Hells Gallows
2.4 In Gods Prison (El)
2.5 When She Falls
2.6 Top of the World (El)
2.7 Which Way the Wind Blows
2.8 Ballad of Venus (El)
2.9 Last of the Ladykillers (El)
2.10 Wantcha Back
2.11 Time (El)
2.12 Aleluyah
2.13 Tranquilize (Ac)
2.14 Hells Gallows (Ac)

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