Tyrannosaurus Dead

Tyrannosaurus Dead: Flying Ant Day

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Artist: Tyrannosaurus Dead
Title: Flying Ant Day
Product Type: VINYL LP

Of the key elements which make Flying Ant Day so good, the most significant is the continuing sharpness of Billy Lowe's songwriting and delivery. Whether he's conveying anger, passion, sadness or any other form of angst you might care to think of, his insouciant delivery makes it seem like these words are just coming out of his mouth as he happens to think of them. In reality, though, they're stuffed with venomous meaning as he rails against small-town jerks, all the while dreaming of a future away from it all. Flying Ant Day is a complete success, both in the context of a debut album and also as a blueprint of the craft of noise-pop.

1.1 Canada
1.2 Radio Lies
1.3 Post Holiday Dead Song
1.4 Bagged and Boarded
1.5 30 Year Old Teenager
1.6 Local Bullies
1.7 Nykio
1.8 Flying Ant Day
1.9 Your Boyfriend
1.10 Graphic Wieners

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