U.P. Wilson

U.P. Wilson: Whirlwind

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Product Type: CD
Artist: U.P. Wilson

Artist: U.P. Wilson
Title: Whirlwind

1.1 Roll Over
1.2 Walk That Walk
1.3 Your Last Chance
1.4 Juicin
1.5 Going Round in a Daze
1.6 Who Will Your Next Fool Be?
1.7 Deep Down Inside
1.8 Bluesola
1.9 Come on Baby, Go Home with Me
1.10 If You Don't Know How to Act (Your Place Is at Home)
1.11 Made Up My Mind
1.12 Texas Squaling
1.13 You Say You Love Me
1.14 Let Her Go
1.15 I Believe
1.16 Crazy Things
1.17 Rock Me

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