U-Roy: Rebel In Styylle

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: U-Roy

Artist: U-Roy
Title: Rebel In Styylle
Product Type: VINYL LP

Rebel in Styylle is one of the last four U-Roy albums and on this one, The Originator, like people call him, has decided to share each song with one artist, just to name a few: George Nooks, Anthony B, Bushman and Tony Curtis. He used some of the top musicians in Jamaica to record, such as China Smith, Obeah, Axeman and Dean Fraser. So of course, the result sounds like of the best U-Roy album and everyone who loves the king of toasters should have it!

1.1 Sweet Reggae Music (Feat. Anothony B and Mariemarie)
1.2 Step Into My Room (Feat. Lukie D)
1.3 Greedy Little Deggie (Feat. Tony Tuff)
1.4 Treasure Your Love (Feat. George Nooks)
1.5 Crush on You (Feat. Jiji and Gina Murell)
1.6 It's Only Jah (Feat. Tony Curtis)
1.7 Believers in Jah (Feat. Thriller U)
1.8 Herbfield (Feat. Dwight "Bushman" Duncan)
1.9 Babylon Will Be Begging (Feat. Brent Dowe)
1.10 Now That You Have Changed (Feat. Jiji)
1.11 Never Leave You (Feat. Mariemarie)
1.12 Reggae Nation
1.13 I Blow Through Her (Feat. Fina Murell)
1.14 Run for Cover (Feat. Anthony B)

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