Uberbelly: Give Me Something Real

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Artist: Uberbelly

Artist: Uberbelly
Title: Give Me Something Real

I started my musical ambitions in Edmonton, AB, playing bass, guitar and keyboards in two very well known bands: OFFICE and VOICE before starting my own project called The SAVAGE NURSES with members of VOICE and another well known band: DARKROOM. Seeking something new, my drummer Sherri Leigh and I were asked to relocate to Vancouver to become the rhythm section for then unknown SARAH McLACHLAN. I wrote and performed on SARAH's debut album TOUCH on NETTWERK RECORDS in 1988. After two years of touring and production of SARAH's second album, things did not work out as planned and I left to pursue other desires. At this time I also played for popular Vancouver band BOLERO LAVA. Right now I'm working on more Uberbelly material and am also playing bass in awesome Vancouver rock band SOL 3. UBERBELLY is a project that has been 5 years in the making, culminating in an eclectic mix of pop and rock music that is constantly evolving. Enjoy!

1.1 Give Me Something
1.2 Flowers of Snow
1.3 Heather Falls
1.4 Easy
1.5 Blue for You
1.6 Cadillac
1.7 Jig of Fools
1.8 Travel Light
1.9 This Won't Hurt a Bit
1.10 String
1.11 Fishboy
1.12 Chill
1.13 Flowers of Snow (Acoustic)

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