Ultima Victima

Ultima Victima: La Batalla Sera Eterna

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Artist: Ultima Victima

Artist: Ultima Victima
Title: La Batalla Sera Eterna

Ultima Victima has been destroying cities all over Mexico from Mexico Dity to Queretaro to Monterey! They have even gone past Mexico and left a trail of what were once cities in central America! With a few tours under their belt with bands like 5 victims 4 graves, soul control, and Signs of hope they are on their way to destroy a city near you with heavy guitars, sing a longs, and meaningful lyrics! For fans of: first blood and death before dishonor.

1.1 Ultima Victima
1.2 Nadie Nos Va a Callar
1.3 Maldito Traidor (Feat Martjin from No Turning Back)
1.4 Defender y Creer (Feat Piks from Xtdax)
1.5 Squalo
1.6 Victima de Tus Mentiras

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