Ultra Nat

Ultra Nat: How Long Best Remixes 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ultra Nat

Title: How Long Best Remixes 2
Label: Imports

Japanese release featuring nine remixes of three of the '90's British disco diva's hits, 'How Long' (four mixes), 'Show Me' (three mixes), 'Joy' (two mixes), plus the cut' Incredibly You'. Mixers include Masters at Work, Todd Terry, Mood II Swing, Fire Island, Cutfather & Karlin and Basement Boys. Standard jewelcase. 1998 Warner Brothers release. The full title is 'How Long - Ultra Nate Best Remixes Volume 2'.

1.1 How Long (Wigstock Hip Hop Edit)
1.2 Show Me (Original Extended Version)
1.3 Joy (What Rave ? Mix)
1.4 Incrdibly You
1.5 Show Me (Masters at Work 12In. Dub)
1.6 How Long (Fire Isand Remix)
1.7 How Long (Ultra's House Swing)
1.8 Show Me (Chameleon Dub Mix)
1.9 Joy (Never Ending Joy Mix)
1.10 How Long (118Th Street Instrumental)

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