Ultralust: Hero

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Artist: Ultralust

Artist: Ultralust
Title: Hero

With this 2nd CD release and the Video 'HERO' already making noise on you tube. Ultralust comes out swinging with a provocative CD. Reflecting the social issues facing us today Des speaks his mind regarding the state of the world. Listen to the lyrics on 'Hero', 'Wake me' or 'What are we fighting for' to know he feels the pain and translates it in his songwriting. This is a record born out of the times we are enduring. Still... Des shows us his softer side with tracks like 'My love' and 'Save me'. In the past described by a reviewer as U2, Lenny Kravitz, and The Verves, bastard child . This Child has grown up . Still, with their distinctive sound known to their fans as "Sexy Rock," Ultralust makes you want more of this CD. As With the first CD their songs were used in the various film and TV. Expect the same and more form this impressive collection. Bio: NYC's Ultralust centers on the irrepressible front man Des Del Rey. A New York City native, his explosive stage energy is surpassed only by his prolific songwriting. Together, with his rhythm guitarist Joey Finn, Bassist Paul Anthony (Formerly of Kid Rock), and Italian superstar drummer Max Nero.

1.1 Hero
1.2 What Are We Fighting for
1.3 Wake Me
1.4 Sexy
1.5 Save Me
1.6 Inside
1.7 Open Your Heart
1.8 My Love
1.9 Life

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