Ultraviolet Uforia

Ultraviolet Uforia: Seattle Peace Concert

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Artist: Ultraviolet Uforia
Title: Seattle Peace Concert

After a long slumber uVu has arisen again! The band reunited with former bass player Steven Holmes and headlined a Seattle Peace Concert this summer and are excited to announce that the performance is now available on CD! This is the band's first live release, capturing the raw energy and exciting improvisation featured in their live shows! This also marks the first album featuring the fabulous drumming of Scott Jantzen and the fiery lead guitar of Bruce Johnston. It includes several cover tunes that have long been part of the live sets but have never been previously released, such as Pink Floyd's Childhood's End, Grateful Dead's The Other One and Scarlet Begonias - Fire On The Mountain, as well as the original song Vital Signs.

1.1 Away from It All
1.2 Promised Land
1.3 Althea
1.4 Gorge
1.5 Childhood's End
1.6 The Other One
1.7 Just
1.8 Scarlet Begonias
1.9 Fire on the Mountain
1.10 Down the Drain...?
1.11 Vital Signs

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