Uncle Bengine & the Restraining Orders

Uncle Bengine & the Restraining Orders: Comes in Nines

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Title: Comes in Nines
Label: CD Baby

Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders return with the 9-song release "Comes in Nines" and a solidified full-band line up. Expanding on the lo-fi folk elements of Schlabach's first cassette, 'They Grow up so Fast," Uncle Bengine and the Retraining Orders have shifted settings from the front porch to dimly lit, alcohol drenched basements. Expanding on the thoughts and stories that continually swirl through his conscious, Schlabach presents his dialogue in a realm somewhere between fantasy and a late night bar room conversation. ALBUM CREDITS Ben Schlabach - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Electric Guitar on tracks 2,4,8 Jason Summer - Pedal Steel Vocals Nicklaus Combs - Drums on tracks 1,3,5,6,7,9 John Hostetter - Bass, Vocals, Drums on tracks 2,4,8 Tracks 1,3,5,6,7,9 Recorded in the Spring of 2011 at the Acorn Warehouse in Harrisonburg VA Recorded and mixed by Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders Tracks 2,4,8 Recorded in the Spring of 2010 in various bedrooms and bathrooms around Harrisonburg VA Recorded and mixed by Ben Schlabach and John Hostetter Originally released as 'Massanetta' 7' Lathe Mastered by Thomas Seim Artwork and Layout by Jeff Guinn.

1.1 Bootleggers
1.2 Covered in Sin
1.3 March to the Sea
1.4 The Reason I Leave
1.5 Jesse Lee and Daniel D
1.6 Devil's Blood
1.7 Worldly Sin
1.8 Comes in Nines
1.9 Standing in the Rain

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