Uncle Jakk

Uncle Jakk: Traveler Alone: Perils & Advice Wanted & Requested

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Uncle Jakk

Title: Traveler Alone: Perils & Advice Wanted & Requested
Label: CD Baby

Formerly known as Anonymous, Uncle Jakk is a Pianist/Producer/Lyricist from the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area. Taking an 'all natural' approach to hip hop, Uncle Jakk uses no samples in his production. Every component of his tracks is composed digitally through keyboard or live recording. With his story-telling lyricism and the divine tones of female vocalist Kayla Császár, Uncle Jakk has created a unique, mellow and engaging form of hip hop that rarely reaches commercial radio. Influenced heavily by the literature of Jack London and Jack Kerouac, Uncle Jakk combines his lyricism with 21st century beats that bring the beat generation back to life.

1.1 A Traveler Alone
1.2 Lover's Lane
1.3 Railroad Tracks Ft. Chase Perkowski
1.4 Deanskee on the Mic
1.5 On and on
1.6 Ice Cream Man Ft. Kayla CSÁSZÁR
1.7 BNSF
1.8 Mayday Ft. Kayla CSÁSZÁR
1.9 Poetry
1.10 Toes
1.11 Sober Song Ft. Kayla CSÁSZÁR

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