Unique Sons of Faith: Justified

Unique Sons of Faith: Justified
Title: Justified
Label: CD Baby

The 'Unique Sons of Faith' have a fresh anointing that brings enthusiasm and excitement to traditional quartet music. Their 'Unique' Style and energy has sparked new interest in this timeless form of gospel music and successfully conveys a message of hope and encouragement to young and old alike. This Album has something for everyone of all genres from Traditional Quartet Music to the smooth grooves of R&B. This is their FRESHMAN ALBUM on Qaurtet Boyz Records Produced by The Legendary Mr. 'Dwight Gordon' (The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Williams Brothers, The Racy Brothers)

1.1 I Made It
1.2 I Thank You Lord
1.3 Dear Jesus
1.4 He'll Make a Way
1.5 Oh Lord
1.6 Time Waits 4 No 1
1.7 Feel God Moving
1.8 My Friend
1.9 A'men Corner Medley
1.10 Waymaker

Unique Sons of Faith: Justified

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