United States Marine Band

United States Marine Band: A Box of Sousa

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Product Type: CD

Artist: United States Marine Band
Title: A Box of Sousa

One of America's musical treasures, the United States Marine Band, gets plenty of time to shine on this box set featuring selections from their appearances on NPR's "Performance Today." Perfect for the 4th of July or anytime you're in the mood to feel patriotic, this box set is the musical version of the American flag!

1.1 Semper Fidelis
1.2 Presidential Polonaise
1.3 Manhattan Beach March
1.4 Comrades of the Legion March
1.5 Saber and Spurs March
1.6 Gridiron Club March
1.7 King Cotton March
1.8 Easter Monday on the White House Lawn
1.9 Who's Who in Navy Blue March
1.10 Invincible Eagle March
1.11 Excerpts from Mars and Venus
1.12 Washington Post March (1890)
1.13 Washington Post March (1988)
1.14 Stars and Stripes Forever [Live]
1.15 Man Behind the Gun
1.16 Selections from the Operetta, the Bride Elect
1.17 Reine de la Mer
1.18 Sound Off
1.19 Royal Welch Fusiliers
1.20 By the Light of the Polar Star
1.21 Beneath the Southern Cross
1.22 Mars and Venus
1.23 Gallant Seventh
1.24 Thunderer March [Historic 1896 Recording]
1.25 Fairest of the Fair
1.26 Hands Across the Sea
1.27 Diplomat
1.28 Rifle Regiment
1.29 Occidental
1.30 Riders for the Flag
1.31 Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
1.32 High School Cadets
1.33 Boy Scouts of America
1.34 Picador
1.35 Directorate
1.36 Black Horse Troop
1.37 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
1.38 Beau Ideal
1.39 Belle of Chicago
1.40 Corcoran Cadets
1.41 National Game
1.42 Loyal Legion
1.43 Liberty Bell
1.44 Liberty Bell [Historic 1894 Recording]
1.45 Century of Progress
1.46 Atlantic City Pageant
1.47 Free Lance
1.48 Glory of the Yankee Navy
1.49 March of the Mitten Men
1.50 Minnesota March
1.51 Northern Pines
1.52 Our Flirtations
1.53 Pride of the Wolverines
1.54 Solid Men to the Front
1.55 White Rose
1.56 Bullets and Bayonets
1.57 In the Land of the Golden Fleece
1.58 Pathfinder of Panama
1.59 Liberty Loan
1.60 Peaches and Cream
1.61 National Fencibles [Historic 1890 Recording]

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