United States Marine Band

United States Marine Band: US Marine Band: Live in Concert

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Artist: United States Marine Band
Title: US Marine Band: Live in Concert

1.1 Moorside March [Live]
1.2 The Corsair Overture, Op. 21 [Live]
1.3 Seventeen Come Sunday (March) [Live]
1.4 My Bonny Boy (Intermezzo) [Live]
1.5 Folk Songs from Somerset (March) [Live]
1.6 Postlude in F [Live]
1.7 Catina: Refrains and Variations for 31 Wind Instruments and Percussion
1.8 Normandie [Live]
1.9 Bretagne [Live]
1.10 Ile de France [Live]
1.11 Alsace-Lorraine [Live]
1.12 Provence [Live]
1.13 Awayday [Live]
1.14 Scherzo for Band [Live]
1.15 Entry of the Gladiators (March), Op. 68 [Live]
1.16 The Circus Bee (March) [Live]
1.17 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (March) [Live]

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