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Unleash the Archers: Demons of Astrowaste

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Title: Demons of Astrowaste
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Writing a sci-fi story is one thing, but taking a story and turning it into a power metal (esque) concept record is another thing entirely. It's an endeavour that is destined to fail, right? Well in the case of the second full length from Vancouver's Unleash The Archers, you couldn't be any more wrong. Unleash The Archers have perfected what could only be called 'modern power metal' seamlessly fusing big, soaring vocals, guttural death grunts, catchy guitar runs and blasting drums. It's an amalgamation that works very well, and sounds completely effortless on their part. Kicking things off with 'Dawn of Ages' (also their first video from the album) the band is letting you know you're in for one hell of a ride. The song is powerful, uplifting and catchy as hell. The chorus is sure to be a crowd pleaser, lots of sing-a-long opportunity here. Brittney Hayes' vocals are nothing short of stunning on this album and on tracks like 'General of the Dark Army' the growls of guitarist Brayden Dyczkowski are well matched, giving the perfect juxtaposition. The opening lines of 'City of Iron' brought the hairs on the back of my neck and arm straight up (in a good way). Brittney's voice just sweeps you up into the story and then Brayden's growls slowly drag you under. Turning on it's heel, into a hard rocker, then into a metallic chug fest, it's a study in all the things that make Unleash The Archers, and this album, so great. The midsection of 'The Fall of The Galactic Guard' turns into a rhythm section delight, with drummer Scott Buchanan and bassist Zahk Hedstrom locking in for a solid demonstration of power. Listening closely to the album, you'll hear that Zahk actually adds a lot of flourish to his bass parts, never overplaying but also not content to just sit with the rhythm. Scott, as well, isn't content to just give you a blast here and there, his playing is technical and groovy at the same time, which not many drummers seem to be able to pull off. On Demons of the AstroWaste, Unleash the Archers sound like veterans of the scene and turn in a, ahem, stellar performance. This album is a nerd's delight in more ways than one and may very well be an album of the year contender on many lists! - Jason Wellwood, Hellbound. Ca Unleash The Archers are a quintet that know how to melt faces. Their style of metal seamlessly combines death elements with power vocals, thrash riffs with breakdowns, blackened screams with the walking bass lines of British heavy metal; they've shared the stage with 3 Inches Of Blood, Dismember, The Faceless, Leaves Eyes, Blackguard, Stratovarius... The band is not confined to one genre, but instead strives to span them all. They play metal, plain and simple. They've been ripping it up across Canada for the last five years and have built a huge coast-to-coast fanbase. This summer they toured the rest of North America and brought their new wave of heavy metal to the US and Mexican masses. Their enthusiasm on stage is contagious, their charisma is catching, and they bring an exciting live show every time they play, no matter where they are or who shows up. Brittney works the merch booth every night and is always down to chat, and the boys will be drinking at the bar right along side you (shots are very much appreciated ;). UTA are extremely hard working, they've always got a project on the go, whether it's new songs, a music video or new artwork to add to your t-shirt collection. Ever changing, never slowing down, they are driven by their immeasurable love of music, and united in their quest for success. UTA recently released a three track EP titled 'Defy The Skies' on 7' vinyl, and it is a great example of the new direction they are taking with their music. Immediately following the release of the EP, UTA hit the road; with dates ranging from Vancouver to LA, on to Mexico City, through New York and Toronto, the tour was the largest undertaking of their career. In May 2011 their sophomore album 'Demons Of The AstroWaste' was released to rave reviews and a massively positive reception. The subsequent tour across Canada was a roaring success, and included 40+ dates from Victoria BC all the way to Charlottetown PEI. This 12 track concept album was recorded at Vogville Studios and Harbourside Studios with Nick Engwer, and vocals were done at the Hive Soundlab with Stu McKillop of Rain City Recorders. Album artwork was completed by JP Fournier (Blind Guardian, Immortal, Dragonforce, etc;) In August 2009 Unleash The Archers released their first full studio album titled 'Behold The Devastation', recorded by Jason Martin of OmegaMediaCore Studios in Richmond BC. The album also features artwork by JP Fournier and is comprised of eight gripping tracks, all written over their first two years as a band. Future plans for the band include another music video and a new album to be written this winter.

1.1 00:00:01
1.2 Dawn of Ages
1.3 The Realm of Tomorrow
1.4 General of the Dark Army
1.5 Daughters of Winterstone
1.6 Battle in the Shadow (Of the Mountain)
1.7 Despair
1.8 The Outlander
1.9 City of Iron
1.10 The Fall of the Galactic Guard
1.11 Astral Annihilation
1.12 Ripping Through Time

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