Upright Citizens

Upright Citizens: Bombs of Peace

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Artist: Upright Citizens
Title: Bombs of Peace
Product Type: VINYL LP

The record starts off with a real slap in the face: "Bombs of Peace" is such a hit - this version even kills the one of the final EP. What fascinates me is the missing tone when the guitar comes in and the extra bass-tone when the song ends. I'm so anal. And from there, it just goes on on the same level - relentlessly: "Now or never", "I hate Church" and "Holocaust" (check the guitar intro! 1982! Fucking awesome!). Flip it over (or download the next track) and the it goes on like that: "Fuck the Army", the punky "He's dead", the catchy "Warmad", "Scum of the Earth" and the only German sung song, "Neo-Nazis in der BRD" ("Neo-Nazis in Germany"). So impressive! Together with BETONCOMBO's "Nazis raus" maybe be best anti-nazi song I know (musically, of course. The lyrics with the typical alarmism etc. Tend to be a bit simple, but hey, it's Punk and not history class). After a full dose of Upright Citizens' anti-nazi hyms, I tend to miss the heydays of militant nazi-bashing in the 80s and 90s, haha.

1.1 Bombs of Peace
1.2 Now or Never
1.3 I Hate Church
1.4 Holocaust
2.1 Fuck the Army
2.2 He's Dead
2.3 Warmad
2.4 Scum of the Earth
2.5 Neo-Nazis in Der BRD

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