Urbain Autopsy

Urbain Autopsy: Autopsies

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Urbain Autopsy

Artist: Urbain Autopsy
Title: Autopsies
Product Type: VINYL LP

Reissue of their first cassette published by Medicinal Tapes in 1986. Urbain Autopsy was a Parisian band that released over 80 tracks on self-produced tapes between 1984 and 1987. Drawing their influences from Suicide, The Residents, Throbbing Gristle to Joy Division or Bauhaus to name a few, they had their own way of combining power electronics, industrial, experimental, cold wave and post punk.

1.1 Talk of (H)Sitrib People
1.2 Cockpit in Flames
1.3 Down in Lab
1.4 M. Charles, Regardez-Moi Dans Les Yeux
1.5 Enterrez Vos Enfants
1.6 Time to Leave
1.7 Waking During Operation A8. Alors ! Heureuse ?
1.8 Nibor's Dance (Entertainment Disco Mix)
2.1 La Nuit
2.2 Larry Le Maudit
2.3 Sur Le Declin
2.4 Aimez-Vous la Soupe ?
2.5 Ouverture en C
2.6 2.15 Before Security B
2.7 Listen Me, I Hear the Buildings Falling

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