Urban Mystic: Love Intervention

Urban Mystic: Love Intervention
Artist: Urban Mystic
Title: Love Intervention

With LOVE INTERVENTION, Urban Mystic is taking the stance "if it aint broke don't fix it." And this time around, Urb is taking on more of the producing and writing. "The industry and everybody will get a chance to see what's on my heart and mind," he beams. Much more than just a singer, Urban Mystic's multidimensional talents reach beyond his raspy, Southern-style vocals. He writes, plays piano and utilizes his distinctive rap/sing delivery to his full advantage. First Single: "Name on It".

1.1 In the Morning
1.2 Walkin' on Water
1.3 I Refuse
1.4 Best Part of the Day
1.5 Money Is My Wife
1.6 Can't Stop, Won't Stop
1.7 Throw It Back
1.8 Name on It
1.9 Why Can't We
1.10 Waiting
1.11 I Don't Wanna Care
1.12 I Promise
1.13 It Ain't Easy
1.14 If I Ever Needed Someone

Urban Mystic: Love Intervention

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