Us 69

Us 69: Yesterday's Folks

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Artist: Us 69

Artist: Us 69
Title: Yesterday's Folks

Deluxe Edition: Thick Cardboard Fold Open Mini-LP Replica With Inner Sleeves. 24-Bit Remastered. A highly sought after record among collectors, Yesterday's Folks was Us 69's only album, and is considered by some critics as probably the very best ever released by the Buddah Records label. This Connecticut-based band was made up of Bill Cartier (drums), Bill Durso (vocals, guitar), Bob DePalma (saxophone), Don DePalma (piano, trumpet), and Gil Nelson (bass, flute). Previously called The Mustard Family, they changed their name to US '69 before they released any of their recordings. The band combines a great mix of eastern-influence music with sitar along with psychedelic, jazz, rock, soul, and funk. The album is strong from start to finish, opening with the excellent "I'm on My Way (A Patch of Blue)", and closing with the stellar ten-minute epic trippy, colorful psychedelia of "2069: a Spaced Oddity".

1.1 I'm on My Way (A Patch of Blue)
1.2 Yesterday's Folks
1.3 I'm a Nobody
1.4 African Sunshine
1.5 I Hear You Talkin'
1.6 Miss Goodbody
1.7 Never a Day Goes By
1.8 2069: A Spaced Oddity

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