Valdambrini-Piana Quintet

Valdambrini-Piana Quintet: Afrodite

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Title: Afrodite
Label: Rearward

2008 reissue of this album from two of the most esteemed "senators" in the Italian Jazz scene; Oscar Valdambrini and Dino Pianatwo. The five pieces recorded for this 1974 album show several different features, which obviously have an effect on the style of improvisation. 'Arabian Moods' is composed of an oriental scale and alternates between a 3/4 and 4/4 beat. On 'Palpitazione', the rhythm section performs a constant movement, while the theme is metrically whimsical, almost distorted. 'Afrodite' is a slow and interesting piece, almost a dialogue between the trumpet and the trombone. 'Drums Atmosphere' takes place in an environment which Valdambrini defines as "dreary", created by long pedal depressions performed by the piano and the double bass. 'I Due Modi' is so called because the first part of the theme is based on an Africanized beat, while the central one is swing, in a 4/4 double beat. 'Parkeriana', lastly, claims to be a tribute to the biggest master of all modern jazzmen and is composed of different beats in the vein of bop.

1.1 Arabian Mood
1.2 Drums Atmosphere
1.3 Parkeriana
1.4 I Due Modi
1.5 Palpitazione
1.6 Afrodite

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