Valerie Ann Knies

Valerie Ann Knies: My Blessed Redeemer

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Title: My Blessed Redeemer
Label: CD Baby

After producing my first album of 32 of your favorite hymns, 'My Master and My Friend', the desire was still there to continue my ministry of preserving the Old Hymns of the Faith with recordings where listeners could sing along, the words could be understood and the music enjoyed. Hence, this collection of 32 more of your favorite hymns, 'My Blessed Redeemer.' When choosing the songs for this second volume, I was delighted to discover how these hymns weave together to reflect aspects of the character of the Lord. His deity is found in the opening "Praise Medley." His personal relationship with believers in the "Time Medley," "In the Garden," and "O To Be Like Thee." "The Cross" and "Resurrection" Medleys proclaim the redeeming work of the Messiah. Notice how many times the phrases in these wonderful hymns include the words "blessed" and "redeem" together. This musical presentation is intended to bring listeners to a closer relationship with the Lord as they sing these precious truths and meditate upon them. Those who have yet to know the joy of a personal relationship with God, can learn many truths of His wonderful work of redemption and salvation in these songs. What a privilege it is for me to serve My Blessed Redeemer. Artist Biography: Valerie Ann Knies has spent her lifetime singing hymns. She has sung in churches in almost every state in the United States and over 30 countries. While visiting these many churches, she noticed that often the old hymns of the faith are being neglected. New songs and contemporary music are replacing the heritage hymns in many homes and churches. Having a desire to do something to preserve the foundational music of Christianity, Valerie has recorded two hymn collections of 32 hymns each. These collections, 'My Master and My Friend' and 'My Blessed Redeemer' include many of her favorite hymns. She has worked together with the talented and brilliant pianist and arranger, Heather Roberts-Ross, and several instrumentalists, to record these beautiful hymn stylings. Her desire is to get this music into homes and hearts as listeners sing along. People of all ages will enjoy this inspiring and spiritual music, which has become a favorite for many families. Valerie, who has been a soloist since her teenage years, holds a bachelor's degree in music education and has taught band and choir. She plays several wind instruments and majored in sacred and classical saxophone. She and her husband, Jim, have served as missionary church planters in Southeast Asia and have been in Hungary for 20 years. She has worked in the church in Hungary as church song service accompanist and music director, mentoring Hungarian musicians as they prepare for future ministries. The Men's Quartet Album, 'Glorious Victory' includes many hymn favorites in the Hungarian language. Valerie produced this album with five of her students. The church is now in Hungarian leadership and Valerie continues to produce music for the Christian community. She has recently recorded an album of songs and hymns and spiritual songs of prayer 'My Faithful Lord'. 'My Master and My Friend' and 'My Blessed Redeemer' remain a mainstay for the music libraries of Christians everywhere, and an inspiration to those who have yet to believe the gospel.

1.1 Praise Medley: Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty; Praise Him! PR
1.2 Time Medley: Day By Day; Moment By Moment
1.3 In the Garden
1.4 Camp Meeting Medley: Brethren We Have Met to Worship; We Are CLI
1.5 How Firm a Foundation
1.6 O to Be Like Thee
1.7 Cross Medley: When I Survey the Wonderous Cross; the Old Rugged
1.8 Resurrection Medley: Christ Arose; He Lives; the Day of Resurre
1.9 Ivory Palaces
1.10 Return of Christ Medley: He Is Coming Again; Will Jesus Find Us
1.11 Love of Christ Medley: O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus; Jesus, L
1.12 Wonderful Grace of Jesus
1.13 Now I Belong to Jesus

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