Valerie R. Harris

Valerie R. Harris: Prophetic Atmosphere

$13.92 $16.98

Artist: Valerie R. Harris
Title: Prophetic Atmosphere

This is a tool that will help propel you to a place of communion and fellowship where no one can interrupt or invade; where you sense such a connectedness that nothing can interfere. It brings about a sense of peace that cascades over your soul and through your spirit. With the coupling of classical and gospel, along with the artist's own improvisational style, the mesh of these three sounds takes you to a meditative and spiritual plane that catapults you into the presence of God.

1.1 Jesus
1.2 More of You
1.3 The Worship Medley: Worship at Your Feet
1.4 The Worship Medley: Carry the Glory
1.5 The Worship Medley: Let Your Glory Fill This Place
1.6 Just a Worshiper
1.7 O Give Him Thanks
1.8 Precious Thoughts
1.9 Loving You
1.10 Healing Flow

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