Van Dik Hout

Van Dik Hout: Van Dik Hout (25th Anniversary)

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Artist: Van Dik Hout

Artist: Van Dik Hout
Title: Van Dik Hout (25th Anniversary)
Product Type: VINYL LP

The band Van Dik Hout, founded in Den Helder, came in 1994 with their self-titled debut album, with which they instantly managed to hit the top of the Dutch hit list. Van Dik Hout became their most successful album, partly because of the hit single "Stil in Mij". Singer Martin Buitenhuis created his own sound by songs with inspiration from rock, grunge and pop. The debut can certainly be labeled as a real Dutch classic.From the first meeting between Van Dik Hout's band members in the 1980s at a school community in Den Helder, there appeared to be a direct click. After years of playing covers of The Rolling Stones and The Eagles among others, a different course was started in the early nineties with playing Dutch music. In 1994 this gave the breakthrough with their hit "Stil in Mij", a new Dutch hit group was born.Van Dik Hout is available as a limited, numbered edition of 1,000 copies on transparent blue vinyl.

1.1 Baksteen ; Het Water
1.2 Water ; Vuur
1.3 Dichterbij
1.4 Laarzen Aan Mijn Voeten
1.5 Stil in Mij
1.6 Roze Bloemen
1.7 's Nachts in Mijn Dromen
1.8 Zoet ; Zacht
2.1 Een Geloof
2.2 Alles of Niets
2.3 Meer Dan Een Ander
2.4 Net Nu Ik Dacht (Bonus Track)
2.5 Verbannen Koningin (Bonus Track)
2.6 Meer Dan Een Ander (Live in Patronaat, 1995) (Bonus Track)
2.7 Stil in Mij (Live in Patronaat, 1995) (Bonus Track)
2.8 Verre Prinses (Bonus Track)
2.9 Spaarzaam Verlichte Weg (Bonus Track)

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