Vangelis Korakakis

Vangelis Korakakis: To Velos

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Title: To Velos
Label: CD Baby

VAGELIS KORAKAKIS TO VELOS singer - GIOTA NEGA - Today's everybody favorite 'laiko' composer in Greece debuts for Cantini. 10 new songs under the title 'to velos' (=The Arrow). 9 songs for the eternal love arrow and it's games which sometimes brings love and happiness and others despair and loneliness and finally one original story which was said originally by Korakakis grand mother, a refugee from Asia Minor in 1922 who settled in the leftist working class neighborhood of Kesariani where Korakakis still lives and also regularly performs today! Yota Nega sings in all 10 tracks of the album with her warm touch voice. A beautiful come back after her debut singing on the single of Panayotis Kalantzopoulos "With Closed Eyes" which by the way has reached a unique cult status of recent releases.

1.1 Kaneis Den Eide
1.2 Hrysafi Apo Homa
1.3 Ke Tora Matia Mou
1.4 To Velos
1.5 Pos Allazoune Oi Dromoi
1.6 Ora Pou Dialexes
1.7 Pikro Martyrio
1.8 Olos O Kosmos Matia Mou
1.9 H Alhtheia
1.10 Thrylos Ionias

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