Varde: Folk

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Artist: Varde

Artist: Varde
Title: Folk

VARDE IS: LIV NOME Vocals, flute, singing bowls, water SIGMUND 'Micronoise' ESPEDAL guitars, bass KJELL OEYVIND BRAATEN percussion, misc. Instruments TOR EGIL BRAATEN drums/percussion Varde is improvised, contemporary music rooted in ancient nordic chanting and world music. This band uses modern digital effects as well as singing-bowls and old traditional nordic instruments like 'lur' and 'ramshorn'. Together the group creates a dynamic and meditative soundscape. Varde is fronted by Liv Nome, a singer using her full vocal register and emotional specter conveying a powerfull chanting that seems to astonish both die-hard British punkrockers and highclass west-enders alike. During the last years Varde has played several gigs and festivals, and are now charged up and ready for the release of their album 'Folk' (released at BPS Production), which is the second release of the triology 'Waves of Nature'. Varde have just finished a 14 days tour in China to promote the release - in cooperation with October Party Records.

1.1 Ametyst
1.2 Fusion
1.3 Highlands
1.4 Breath
1.5 Force
1.6 Landscape

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