Various Artists

Various Artists: American Cassette Culture: Recordings 1971-1983

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Various Artists

Title: American Cassette Culture: Recordings 1971-1983
Label: Vinyl on Demand
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition of 150. This eight-LP version of American Cassette Culture: Recordings 1971-1983 contains the same discs as the 12-LP version (VOD 139LP), minus the Ken Moore and Galen material. This is ideal for those buying the standalone box sets for those artists - Galen: Modular/Electronics: Recordings 1979-1982 (VOD 139GH-LP) and Ken Moore: Anvil Creations: Recordings 1972-1983 (VOD 139KM-LP). The American Cassette Culture box set documents American pioneers and protagonists of late '70s/early '80s cassette culture. While rock music of the 1970s and '80s became a worldwide mainstream corporate business, the creation of the cassette format opened music production up to everyone, and a DIY network sprung up that enabled musicians to release recordings they had already produced during the '70s. The accompanying 48-page LP-sized booklet tells the story behind some of the major influential artists and their earliest recordings produced during the '70s and early '80s, as well as the labels and relevant press covering those cassette recordings. This box is about those artists and people who planted the seed of an independent culture that would develop throughout the '80s and is still active today. It also tells the story of Archie Patterson's Eurock Magazine and Distribution, a highly influential US cassette distribution company, which distributed and/or released many of the early cassette works contained in this box. Includes Don Slepian: LP with tracks from Electronic Music from the Rainbow Isle (1978), Rhythm of Life (1982), and Uncontrolled Voltage (1982) by Synarios (Slepian and Lauri Paisley); Steve Roach: LP with tracks from Now (1982) and previously unreleased material; Marc Barreca: LP with tracks from Raw Fish and Green Tea (1979/'80), Currents (1979/'80), Music Works for Industry (1983), and In a Foreign Land (1977); Anode: double LP with tracks from Anode (1979), Trips North Trips South (1979), Kinetic Experiments (rec. 1974-'79, rel. 1981), Early Tapeworm (1975), Floyd Cramer's Hall of Gold (1975), and Year of The Taperecorder; K. Leimer: double LP with tracks from Translucent/Memory (1978), Natural History/The Mind and It's Likeness (1979), and Installation View (rec. 1977/'78/'80, rel. 1983); and Young Scientist (James Husted, Marc Barreca, and Roland Barker): LP with tracks from Over Low Trees... (1979), Life Sciences, and Results Not Answers (1979).

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