Various Artists

Various Artists: American Indian Ceremonial and War Dances

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: American Indian Ceremonial and War Dances
Label: Essential Media Mod

Authentic American Indian recordings from the Navahoe, Tewa, Apache, Pima, Sioux, Papago, Paiute, Ponca, Taos, Kiowa and Arikara tribes. Historical recording, digitally remastered.

1.1 Navahoe Boy (Navahoe)
1.2 The Prisoner Song (Tewa)
1.3 A Girl and Many Boys (Apache)
1.4 Mountain By the Sea (Pima)
1.5 The Mescalero Trail (Apache)
1.6 Montana Grass Song (Sioux)
1.7 Mountain Spirit Song (Apache)
1.8 Lightning Song (Apache)
1.9 Song of the Black Mountain (Papago)
1.10 Song of the Green Rainbow (Papago)
1.11 Yei-Be-Chai Chant (Navahoe)
1.12 Our Father's Thoughts (Paiute)
1.13 War Dance (Ponca)
1.14 War Dance (Taos)
1.15 Slow War Dance (Kiowa)
1.16 Fast War Dance (Kiowa)
1.17 Warrior Song (Arikara)
1.18 Honoring Song (Sioux)
1.19 Glory Song (Navahoe)
1.20 Memorial Song (Sioux)

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