Various Artists

Various Artists: Anthology 20th English / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Anthology 20th English / Various
Label: Folkways Records

1.1 Thomas Hardy: Snow in the Suburbs / Shut Out That Moon / at a Lunar Eclipse / An Ancient to Ancients
1.2 Bridges: Cheddar Pinks
1.3 A.E. Housman: Tell Me Not Here
1.4 W.B. Yeats: The Wild Swans at Coole / the Second Coming / After Long Silence
1.5 Rudyard Kipling: The Craftsman
1.6 W.H. Davies: Leisure / Kingfisher / Sleep
1.7 Walter de la Mare: All That's Past / the Railway Junction / Silver / Song of the Mad Prince / the Owl
1.8 John Masefield: The Setting of the Windcock
1.9 Edward Thomas: The Gallows
1.10 D.H. Lawrence: Piano / Snake
1.11 James Elroy Flecker: The Old Ships
1.12 Andrew Young: Cuckoos / the Men / Wood and Hill / in the Fallow Field / on Middleton Edge / the Burnt Leaves / the Prospect of Death
1.13 Siegfried Sassoon: At the Grave of Henry Vaughan
1.14 Edwin Muir: The Horses
1.15 Edith Sitwell: Most Lovely Shade / Scotch Rhapsody / Sir Beelzebub

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