Various Artists: Anthology of Noise 2 / Various

Various Artists: Anthology of Noise 2 / Various
Title: Anthology of Noise 2 / Various
Label: Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa presents the second part of the highly acclaimed and successful series Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music. This 2nd volume explores the early days of pre-electronic music (Percy Grainger, Johanna M. Beyer) and features some rare or unpublished pieces by main composers of electronic music (Wladimir Ussachevsky, Otto Luening, Tod Dockstader, Morton Subotnick, Hugh Davies, Luc Ferrari) as well as unreleased tracks by musicians who are cornerstones of the 90's electronic scene: (Autechre, Aphex Twin, Scanner, Kim Cascone, Yoshihiro Hanno), as well as tracks from the acid movement (Woody McBride, Choose) and the industrial scene (Laibach, Spk). Without forgetting some free-jazz (Sun Ra) or rare stuff from Captain Beefheart, Daphne Oram, Alan R. Splet (David Lynch's sound designer on Eraserhead, the Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Dune). Like Volume 1, this second part is an absolute must for anyone interested in the roots and history of electronic music. The 2xCD comes in a deluxe digipak with a 24 paged informative booklet.

1.1 Incantation for Tape [1953]
1.2 Visage V [1958-59]
1.3 Aerial)Song [2002]
1.4 Music of the Spheres [1938]
1.5 Mandolin [1962]
1.6 Four Aspects [1960]
1.7 Emily [2003]
1.8 Quintet [1967-68]
1.9 Space Travel with Changing Choral Textures [1983]
1.10 Zephirum Scan [2002]
2.1 Bronchus One. I [1991]
2.2 On/Off Edit [2001]
2.3 Torture-Bodyparts [2001]
2.4 Purzuit Ov Noize [1994]
2.5 Pulp [1993]
2.6 Lathe [1988]
2.7 Industrial Ambients [1980-82]
2.8 Slogun [1979]
2.9 Free Music No. 1 (For Four Theremins) [1936]
2.10 Imagination [1965]
2.11 She's Too Much for My Mirror/My Human Gets Me Blues [1969]

Various Artists: Anthology of Noise 2 / Various

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