Various Artists

Various Artists: Armored (Original Soundtrack)

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Armored (Original Soundtrack)

Original motion picture score for the action packed 2009 feature film. The pulse-pounding rock-oriented score from acclaimed composer John Murphy (28 Weeks Later, Snatch) captures all the movie's heart stopping thrills.

1.1 Morning
1.2 Armored Truck Chase
1.3 Ty's Decision
1.4 Fake Heist
1.5 Getting Cover
1.6 Ty Saves the Cop
1.7 Federal Reserve
1.8 Work
1.9 Black Van
1.10 Warehouse
1.11 Stashing the Cash
1.12 Get the Kid Outta the Truck
1.13 Ty Escapes
1.14 Killing Dobbs
1.15 Booby Trap
1.16 Ty Runs
1.17 The End

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