Various Artists

Various Artists: Awakening 1 / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Awakening 1 / Various
Label: CD Baby

Electro Age is compilation series created by which hopes to promote independent electronic artists and new paradigms of thinking featuring electronic artists of various genres whose music relates to a spirituality theme. This project is alternative music of ritual, magic, myth, and transformation of consciousness projected from archetypal images from the subconscious discovered through the creative process and includes everything from tribal chants to EBM club hits.

1.1 Undercity 2000
1.2 Narcotic
1.3 Tentatio Ardua 2
1.4 Nightvision
1.5 Vision
1.6 Mage Sun
1.7 Nobelium (Air-Fire-Water-Earth Mix)
1.8 Trust
1.9 Gaia
1.10 Under the Moon
1.11 The Hunter, Cernunnos
1.12 Connect (DJ Vex Mix)
1.13 Without Faith (Nothing Mix)
1.14 Shivering Skies (Edit)
1.15 Round and Round

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