Various Artists

Various Artists: Band of Brothers

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Band of Brothers
Label: Sony BMG

1.1 Main Theme
1.2 Band of Brothers, Suite No. 1 from the Television Score
1.3 Band of Brothers, Suite No. 2 from the Television Score
1.4 Main Theme
1.5 Band of Brothers Suite One
1.6 Band of Brothers Suite Two
1.7 Curahee: The Mission Begins
1.8 Day of Days: Swamp
1.9 Carentan: Spiers' Speech
1.10 Carentan: Fire on Lake
1.11 Replacements: Parapluie
1.12 Replacements: Boy Eats Chocolate
1.13 Replacements: Bull's Theme
1.14 Crossroads: Winters on Subway
1.15 Bastogne: Headscarf
1.16 Breaking Point: Buck in Hospital
1.17 Breaking Point: Plaisir D'amour
1.18 Patrol: Preparing for Patrol
1.19 Why We Fight: String Quartet in C-SH
1.20 Band of Brothers Requiem

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