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Various Artists: Bangs and Works, Vol. 1: A Chicago Footwork Compilation

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Bangs and Works, Vol. 1: A Chicago Footwork Compilation
Label: Planet Mu
Product Type: VINYL LP

Triple vinyl LP pressing. The music on this compilation ranges from RP Boo (whose track "Baby Come On" from the late '90s is regarded as the first footwork release) to producers who have come through the ghetto house scene such as DJ Roc, DJ Spinn, Traxman, DJ Clent and DJ Rashad. In addition to established DJs, Planet Mu have picked a number of young producers whose music is less known-DJ Nate, DJ Diamond, DJ Elmoe, Tha Pope, DJ Killa E, DJ Lil Rome, Yung Tellem and DJ Trouble.

1.1 DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost at
1.2 DJ Rashad - Teknitian
1.3 Tha Pope - Jungle Juke
1.4 DJ Rashad - Itz Not Rite
1.5 DJ Roc - Fuck Dat
1.6 RP Boo - Total Darkness
1.7 DJ Spinn - 2020
1.8 Tha Pope - All the Things
1.9 DJ Killa E - Star Wars
1.10 DJ Roc - One Blood
1.11 RP Boo - Eraser
1.12 DJ Lil Rome + Yung Tellem - Kill Da Circle
1.13 DJ Trouble - Bangs ; Works
1.14 DJ Trouble - Fuck Um Up
1.15 DJ Elmoe - Yo Shit Fucked Up
1.16 DJ Yung Tellem - Freddy Vs Jason
1.17 DJ Trouble - Mosh Pit
1.18 DJ Lil Rome - I Go Hard
1.19 Traxman - Compute Funk
1.20 DJ Diamond - Ready Mother Fucka
1.21 DJ Diamond - Freakazoid
1.22 DJ Nate - Ima Dog
1.23 DJ Clent - I Love You
1.24 DJ Nate - He Ain't Bout It
1.25 Traxman - the Comeback

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