Various Artists

Various Artists: Belly to Belly Dancing / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Belly to Belly Dancing / Various
Label: Cook Records

Nestled in the Port of Spain, the Tom Charles, Fitz Vaughn Bryan, Johnny Gomez and Clarence Curvan Orchestras as well as the Vin Cardinal Combo provide alternatively upbeat and sultry grooves for dancing. These Trinidadian ensembles are experts in the calypso, meringue, bolero, guaracha and mambo dance music genres.

1.1 Creole Licks
1.2 Pepe
1.3 3 in 1 Saga
1.4 Rip Van Winkle
1.5 The Continental
1.6 Pa Deupe de Moin
1.7 610 Saga
1.8 Portrait of My Love
1.9 Delicado
1.10 Clair de Lune
1.11 Mattinata
1.12 Royal Jail

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